How Can You Talk About Divorce With Your Children?

When it comes to tough discussions, talking about divorce may feel like one of the most intimidating conversations you could ever have with your children. 

However, it does not mean you cannot handle it smoothly and respectfully. Being open and honest, while still keeping the discussion appropriate, can help you all to transition into a new phase of life together.  

Be Unified While Speaking

According to Psychology Today, you and your ex-spouse should both feel as if you can rely on one another to discuss this matter respectfully. Your children will likely have a big reaction, and it can be beneficial to demonstrate that you and your ex-spouse will still work together to care for them even after you both divorce. Children often worry about the future and showing this unity will help them worry less.  

Allow For Messy Emotions

Children, both young and old ones, may react strongly to this news. Seeing crying, screaming, or even noticing your children feel guilty may cause you to panic. Be assured that this is a normal reaction, and you should do your best to comfort them as well as explain that nothing about this choice was their fault. 

These big emotions can seem overwhelming, but it is important for children to express themselves openly around you during a change like this. 

Keep Your Explanation Simple

Do not over-explain details about why this divorce is occurring. It may seem tempting, but children cannot handle any personal problems or mature details about you and your ex-spouse’s choice. Divorce can be a tricky subject to talk about, but staying calm and relying on some basic tips can help you discuss it respectfully.  

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